Programs and Times

3 Year Old Program

There will be one 3 Year group in 2020 – Beetles with two staff members and a maximum capacity of 20 children. Children will attend kindergarten for a total of 10 hours per week, spread over two sessions

Please refer to the table below for session times.


For 2020 3 year-old program fees are $950 per term (four terms per year). Fee includes all incursions and maintenance levy

4 Year Old Program

There are 3 groups in our 4 year-old program: Butterflies, Ladybugs and Dragonflies. Currently Ladybug and Dragonfly groups have capacity for 25 children each and both groups have 3 staff members. Butterfly group has capacity for 22 children and 2 staff members (plus a lunch-time relief aid).

Children in Butterflies and Dragonflies attend kindergarten for a total of 18 hours per week, spread over three sessions and Ladybugs 15 hours per week, spread over two sessions.

We have limited vacancies in 4 year old Dragonflies and Butterflies group for 2020. Please contact BKCES directly if you are interested in enrolling or contact the kinder for tours.


The fees for the four year old program in 2020 are $950 per term (four terms per year) for Butterflies and Dragonflies groups. Children in both groups attend 18 hours a week over 3 sessions. Fees for the Ladybugs group is $680 per term (four terms per year) with children attending for 15 hours a week over two sessions.
These fees includes incursions, excursions and maintenance levy.

Maintenance Levy

A refundable maintenance levy of $200 is charged over the year ($50/term) to encourage participation by parents and guardians in maintenance of our kindergarten and helps to keep our fees more affordable. The maintenance levy is charged in four equal installments with each term’s fees. Payment will be refunded at the end of the year to parents/guardians on participation in specified activities which may include involvement on committee, working bees, maintenance and gardening etc. Eligible concession card holders will not be required to pay this levy.
For more information about our fees, including timeframes for payment and concessions for health care card holders, please to refer to our fee policy.