Our Philosophy

We believe that

• Optimal learning will occur when children are in a safe, warm, caring, inviting and stimulating environment

• Children should have the opportunity to explore in a natural environment

• Sensory opportunities support learning in young children, especially their wellbeing

• Through risk taking and independence, children learn resilience, develop a higher self-esteem and become more creative capable learners

• Learning for life starts in early childhood and children should be involved in caring for their environment and themselves, being part of a group, respecting others and learning a range of social skills including self-regulation

• Continual reflection and learning provides a contemporary and relevant program for the children and families

• Each child is individual and intentional teaching needs to cater for their skills and learning styles

• The program should contain a mixture of indoor/outdoor play, active/passive times, open and closed ended activities, opportunities to be in a small group, by themselves and with the whole group and have many opportunities for exploration, choice, decision making and free play

• A balanced curriculum allows the whole child to develop, therefore children should be immersed in literacy, STEM, the arts, physical play and humanities.

• The Community play an important part in kindergartens as a means to access other services, teach the children about the world around them, maintain a place which meets the needs of it’s users and support transitions for children

• Families are paramount in working with the staff to create a developmentally appropriate program for each child

Belonging, Being and Becoming.The Early Learning Years Framework Australia