Rowen Street Kinder has the privilege of being located on a large corner-block. This means we boast some of the largest kindergarten premises in Boroondara.

In summary our premises include:

  • Two kinder rooms with their own children’s bathroom
  • A Large Outdoor Play Area with many natural play spaces (including storage shed)
  • A Teachers Office, Administration room and Group Meeting Room
  • A Fully functioning kitchen
  • Undercover waiting areas for parents
  • Wheelchair access
  • Large water tanks for outdoors
  • We are a fenced property with two secure entries (and a coded front entrance)

Kindergarten Rooms

We have two kindergarten rooms which allows us to run 2 x 3 year old programs and 3 x 4 year old programs each term.
This enables us to offer a variety of programs and have consistent session times for each group.
A storage room adjoins each kindergarten room making access to materials easy for all groups.
Each room also has a child height sink, individual lockers, carpet and vinyl areas, air conditioning and heating.
It also means that we can run longer day programs and for 4 year old have consistent start and end times without need to share morning and afternoon sessions.
Each kinder room has it owns children’s bathroom which children can access freely during indoor and outdoor play.



Our outdoor area is spacious with a large grass area, concreted under-cover area, multiple sand-pits, cubby houses, multiple swings and additional exercise and play equipment. We have a large shed that holds all our out-door play equipment, that teachers can set climbing course with or that children can enter and grab equipment to play with during their outside time. We also have two hens (Cinnamon and Chickpea) in a chicken coop and the children get an opportunity to see and be around them.

We value maintaining natural play spaces including trees, bark, grass and vegetable patches.
Our large grounds also mean we can host our annual fun day which is a great success with our family and local community. It also contributes to our fundraising efforts.